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    Global Leaf Tobacco Company Ltd
    A subsidiary of Jamil Group of Industries, Global Leaf Tobacco Company Ltd
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    Since 1978
    The company’s GLT plant is located at Trimohoni, Barakhanda, Kushtia, SouthWestern part of Bangladesh
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    Country's No.1 Tobacco Company
    Pioneer since 1978.


We have been serving the national and international tobacco industry since 1978 with quality packed tobacco with major exports in burley and FCV. We run top-to-bottom and end-to-end operations with strict quality control measures and efficiency tools to ensure the best output for our customers.


    Our dedicated professionals use state of the art laboratory facilities to ensure quality.


    We employ the latest technical know-how to ensure improved productivity and efficiency.


    Our plant is well equipped and only a few hours away from Dhaka.


    We have experienced and dedicated professionals taking care of our operations and management.



  • Activities & Experience

    We have our own field squads engaged in Extension, Developments, Experiments, Trials, etc. Our management and staff personnel are well experienced who are working in Production Procurement, Processing Threshing/ Redrying, Storing, Shipment, Administration, Accounts etc at our different units.

  • Quality Control Unit

    For Quality Control, our analytical laboratory facilities, includes modern test moisture percentage, chemistry of the tobacco as per degradation etc being conducted by professional personnel. In the laboratory, percentage of nicotine, sugar and chloride are determined in addition to moisture content of the tobacco.

  • Good Will

    We have earned good will in and out of Bangladesh, ensuring the quality of the produces at a competitive price and timely delivery through sincere services and professional commitments of our dedicated officers and staff with different clients. We are interested in expanding our business at home and abroad. Our plant is well equipped and only a few hours away from the capital Dhaka.


Our participation in Tabinfo-2005, Kualalampur, Malaysia where our tobacco exhibits and detailed and informative presentation impressed the Global Tobacco Community. We are pleased to inform you our export market has expanded to USA, Belgium, Pakistan, UAE, Hong Kong, Haiti, etc with repeated demands.

Our Products

Our job flow

  • Seed Distribution

    Distributing seeds to the growers well in time for the year’s cropping season.

  • Seedbed Management

    Tobacco seed require warm temperatures for germination and the majority of varieties start showing germination in 7-10 days.

  • Growing Stage

    Tobacco plants require extra care and fertilizer application when they become saplings.

  • Harvesting

    The tobacco is germinated in cold frames or hotbeds then transplanted to the field until it matures.

  • Curing

    It is necessary to cure tobacco after harvesting and before it can be consumed.

  • Baling

    Cut and raked crop are converted into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store.

  • Leaf Procurement

    Tobacco are taken to the factory after purchasing them from the farmers.

  • Grading

    Different kinds of tobacco are graded to a fixed scale as per their quality.

  • Threshing & Re-drying

    Threshing involves conditioning tobacco with heat and moisture so that it becomes pliable enough to enter the threshers.

  • Sampling

    Making good quality samples of our tobacco for our distributors and clients.

  • Marketing

    Our marketing team is vigorously active from June to November of any year to ensure that our samples reach new and existing clients along with detailed information

  • Export

    Tobacco are sent to different countries after meeting the local demands.

Moving forward, even at 40


Tobacco & Allied Products

  • Products/Alliedes

    Processed/Packed Tobacco, Cigarettes, Filter Rods, Cut Rags & other allied products.

  • Cigarette Brands

    Gold Hill, Wilson, Ramna, Express, Wilson International.

  • Export Market

    USA, UK, Belgium, Haiti, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt, and other European countries.


Plan Capacity (kg/hour) with automatic press


Threshing Capacity

Late Founding Chairman's Vision

"Jamil Group, An unending quest for excellence. It’s an enchanting tale of a family business that has lasted over four generations though a dramatic time line of sub-continents history. Starting way back in the 1943 few would have believed a small trading entity would eventually span out to become a vibrant diversified, transnational group that it is today. The pioneering mindset was unmistakable since inception when the company developed the first pater bidi ever made and created a whole new industry segment. This paper Bidi industry today is valued at US $ 125 million and provides employment to half a million households. The group capitalized on the success and spotted the shifting trend to cigarettes and was the first privately held local entity to establish a machine made cigarette factory in the region. The business went on to create legendary brands like ‘Silver Smoke’ and ‘Ramna’ which were top sellers for well over two decades. Though well executed timely backward integration the group entered the Printing industry. Buoyed by its extensive marketing network built with the help of its tobacco products the group diversified into the soaps, cosmetics and edible oils transforming into a leading FMCG player of its time."

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