We are
Global Leaf Tobacco
Company Limited

Our Philosophy

We believe that true success is in the ability to give back to the communities, people and places

Our Values

Upholding ethical business practices, even in hard times

Our Business

Almost at 50, but still growing

Our Vision

Expand our business throughout the world. Be a business leader. Be a good business model.

Our History

50 years and still counting

Our Employees

Our best assets and a part of our family

Our Stakeholders


Our Farmers

We are actively supervising tobacco growing all over areas with the farmers not registered with other tobacco companies. We help the growers with latest technical know-how of successful production of varieties of tobacco and procure mainly from them.


Our Corporate Employees

We run top-to-bottom and end-to-end operations with strict quality control measures and efficiency tools to ensure the best output for our customers.


Our Factory Workers

Our GLT plant is located at Trimohoni, Barakhanda, Kushtia, South Western part of Bangladesh which is about 275 K. M off from capital Dhaka and 5 k.m from Kusthia downtown, by the side of Kushtia - Pakshi highway.

Journey of Four Generations

1938 - 1938

Establishment of first office, residence and a trading unit in Bogra, Borogola

1943 - 1943

Tea Treading & Wholesaling from Sylhet

1952 - 1954

Jamiluddin Bidi Factory in Bogra and producing Bidi from tendu leaf. Produced first paper Bidi in this region.

1958 - 1961

Jamil Laundry Soap & mastered Oil Factory. First automatic soap factory established and produced most popular soaps ‘medico’ and ‘Jan-E-Saba’.

1962 - 1962

First machine made cigarettes manufacturing unit Jamiluddin Tobacco started in Bogra Launched popular brand ‘Silver Smoke’.

1965 - 1965

A very successful year for Jamil group with the launch of RAMNA, which was the market leader for well over two decades.

1966 - 1966

A 3rd cigarette factory was established In Aziznagar in Chittagong Hill tracts, on Chittagong -Cox’s Bazars highway, by the name of Azizuddin Industries. And the region was named after the company. There was also the launch of Hillman.

1967 - 1967

Establishment of the first duplex printing unit in northern Bangladesh to improve the quality and control of the cigarette packaging.

1970 - 1970

Jamil Group started exporting tobacco leaf.

1978 - 1978

Global Leaf Tobacco Company Limited established which was a completely export oriented Company.

1980 - 1980

Wilson was launched, one of the most successful Tobacco brand in 1980s.

1986 - 1988

The history of the parent company began through establishment of first office, residence and a trading unit in Bogra, Borogola.

2006 - 2006

Jamil Shopping Center at Bogra, the 1st Escalator Market in North Bengal.

2014 - 2014

Successfully launched Java Black, first kretek cigarette in this region.

2015 - 2015

HB food and beverage was established to take advantage of the existing distribution network and growing demand of food products.

2017 - 2017

Global Leaf Tobacco Company Limited enhanced the Production Capacity and started exploring new export market.

2018 - 2018

HB Global Limited was launched to import exclusive food and beverage items intended to be sold through superstores, ecommerce platforms, and institutional sales.

2018 - 2021

Launched many successful flavored cigarette brands like GURU, EASY HD.



1952 - 1954

1958 - 1961








1986 - 1988






2018 - 2021

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