We are Global Leaf Tobacco Company

Our Humble Roots

In 1938, our first office was established along with a residence and a trading unit in Bogra, Borogola. From that time, GLTC have earned today’s position overcoming many barriers. Our management and staff personnel are very well experienced who are working in the fields for production, Procurement, Processing, Threshing/ Re-drying, Storing, Shipment, Administration, Accounts etc. at different units.

Covered Locations

We are regularly & actively supervising tobacco growing all over the areas covering the growers who are not registered with BAT & other Tobacco Companies at Kushtia Flue Covered Area (FCV), Chittagong Hilly area (FCV) & Rangpur Air cured (A V-Burley and DV) area. We help the growers with latest technical know-how of successful production of different types/varieties of Tobacco and provide assurance of buying tobacco from them. We procure mainly from the growers directly at our different buying point /centers those who are remain under our record within commanding areas. We also buy tobacco from the suppliers when we need them against our required quality and quantity.


Our GLT plant is located at Trimohoni, Barakhanda, Kushtia, South Western part of Bangladesh which is about 275 K. M off from capital Dhaka and 5 k.m from Kusthia downtown, by the side of Kushtia - Pakshi highway. The company is having a latest Vertical Type Thresher which is incorporated with pneumatic separation and threshing process; the thresher rollers vertically placed in it; features reduced machine area and lower energy consumption coupled with re-dryer.

Distribution Network

Jamil Sales and Distribution Limited controls our Distribution which is also a unit of our group. It has a dedicated mobile field team of 850 sales representatives and 120 officers, going to over 50,000 outlets every day, covering majority of the national market. The distribution network is particularly strong in metropolitans like Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar, Khulna, Barishal, Rajshahi, Rangpur, etc. We control majority of the market in South-Eastern Bangladesh, from Chittagong to Teknaf.

Promotional Activities

Tobacco products require BTL marketing. For this we have an Activation Team. This Team goes in all corners of our Distribution Network and conducts P2P marketing. This experienced Activation Team, which has successfully marketed two new cigarette brands within the last five years, will be very useful for activation of any tobacco related product.

Manufacturing Setup

The plant is linked with Butting/Tipping unit provided by M/S Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment. Co. Ltd. P. R. China. The plant commissioned in the year 2002. Besides the above, we process another Re-drier styled DAGLISH, UK-SCOTLAND, capacity being 1200 kg/hour with 4 Drying, 1 cooling, 2 R-ordering chambers where Hand Strips, Butted leaf, Bundle leaf, Stem etc. are refried at our same premises simultaneously.


We have our Standby Generator against power disruptions. We have our permanent leaf handling sheds at our own premises at different locations in addition to rented premises/sheds where leaf handling jobs are being carried out.

Producing the Cigarettes

After blending, the tobacco leaves are pressed into cakes and mechanically shredded. Materials such as fruit juices or menthol are added to give additional flavor. The final shredded tobacco is then dispersed over a continuous roll of cigarette paper. A machine rolls the shredded tobacco into the paper and cuts it to the desired length. A device then grabs each cigarette and fastens a filter in one end. Modern cigarette machines can produce 25-30 cigarettes a second.

Quality Control

For Quality Control, our analytical laboratory facilities, includes modern test moisture percentage, chemistry of the tobacco as per degradation etc being conducted by professional personnel. In the laboratory, percentage of nicotine, sugar and chloride are determined in addition to moisture content of the tobacco.

Our Job Flow

  • Seed Distribution

    Distributing seeds to the growers well in time for the year’s cropping season.

  • Seedbed Management

    Tobacco seed require warm temperatures for germination and the majority of varieties start showing germination in 7-10 days.

  • Growing Stage

    Tobacco plants require extra care and fertilizer application when they become saplings.

  • Harvesting

    The tobacco is germinated in cold frames or hotbeds then transplanted to the field until it matures.

  • Curing

    It is necessary to cure tobacco after harvesting and before it can be consumed.

  • Baling

    Cut and raked crop are converted into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store.

  • Leaf Procurement

    Tobacco are taken to the factory after purchasing them from the farmers.

  • Grading

    Different kinds of tobacco are graded to a fixed scale as per their quality.

  • Threshing & Re-drying

    Threshing involves conditioning tobacco with heat and moisture so that it becomes pliable enough to enter the threshers.

  • Sampling

    Making good quality samples of our tobacco for our distributors and clients.

  • Marketing

    Our marketing team is vigorously active from June to November of any year to ensure that our samples reach new and existing clients along with detailed information

  • Export

    Tobacco are sent to different countries after meeting the local demands.


    We believe that true success is in the ability to give back to the communities, people and places


    Upholding ethical business practices, even in hard times


    Almost at 50, but still growing


    50 years and still counting


    Our best assets. They are a part of our family.


    Expand our business throughout the world. Be a business leader. Be a good business model.


Establishment of first office, residence and a trading unit in Bogra, Borogola

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Tea Treading & Wholesaling from Sylhet

Jamiluddin Bidi Factory in Bogra and producing Bidi from tendu leaf.

Produced First Paper Bidi in this region.

Jamil Laundry Soap & mastered Oil Factory.

First automatic soap factory established and produced most popular soaps ‘medico’ and ‘Jan-E-Saba’.

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First machine made cigarettes manufacturing unit Jamiluddin Tobacco started in Bogra Launched popular brand ‘Silver Smoke’.

A very successful year for Jamil group with the launch of RAMNA, which was the market leader for well over two decades.

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A 3rd cigarette factory was established In Aziznagar in Chittagong Hill tracts, on Chittagong -Cox’s Bazars highway, by the name of Azizuddin Industries. And the region was named after the company. There was also the launch of Hillman.

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Establishment of the first duplex printing unit in northern Bangladesh to improve the quality and control of the cigarette packaging.

Jamil Group started exporting tobacco leaf.

Global leaf tobacco company established which was a completely export oriented Company.

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Wilson was launched, one of the most successful Tobacco brand in 1980s.

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Jamil Shopping Center at Bogra, the 1st Escalator Market in North Bengal.

International tobacco in Kalurghat Chittagong was full fledged launched targeting the southern market of Bangladesh

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HB food and beverage was established to take advantage of the existing distribution network and growing demand of food products.

HB Global Limited was launched to import exclusive food and beverage items intended to be sold through superstores, ecommerce platforms, and institutional sales.

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Fig. "To the left, our Founding Chairman in Amsterdam during the 1960s"


  • Azizuddin Industries Ltd.
  • Jamiluddin Ltd.
  • HB Food & Beverages
  • AGB Builders
  • Auleek.com
  • Jamil Real Estate

  • HAG Printing & Packages Ltd.
  • Heritage Tobacco Industries Ltd.
  • Aqualink Bangladesh Ltd.